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  • Smart Wealth Pro

    Smart Wealth Pro is a comprehensive solution for analyzing companies on the Nepalese stock exchange. Its Advanced Chart includes all the tools a professional technical analyst requires to conduct a technical assessment of stocks. Other than technicals, its Market Visualization tools are quite helpful to comprehend the market's major moves. It also facilitates fundamental screening of the companies and enables comparison of companies based on their key financials, ratios, dividend, etc.

    Sudish Acharya

    MBA Technical Analyst, IMFA Global Trainer
  • Smart Wealth Pro

    Extensive data of all the listed companies along with amazing analysis tools and screeners made the analysis process much faster and more efficient. SWP has been my go-to platform for any stock market related data.

    Anee Tamrakar

    Associate Equity Analyst, iCapital Pvt. Ltd.
  • Smart Wealth Pro

    As an investor & finance student, I found SWP newsletter most informative and the features I like most in SWP are Portfolio management tools and market visualization. I highly recommend Smart Wealth Pro to every investor.

    Asmita Sapkota

  • Smart Wealth Pro

    SWP has made it a lot easier for me to collect all the required data, not just for current but from previous quarters as well. What I like most about SWP are the extensive ratios that they provide, which makes it a lot easier to analyze any company thoroughly.

    Sumit Man Singh Baniya

    Equity Analyst – iCapital Pvt. Ltd.

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